Born in New York City in 1982 and based in London since 2006, Timothy Betjeman studied Visual Art and Philosophy at the University of Chicago (BA) before going on to a post-graduate diploma in Drawing from The Royal Drawing School in London, on a 2-year bursary award. He is currently living in Tokyo on a MEXT scholarship in Japanese Painting at Tokyo University of Arts.

Betjeman’s recent work combines influences from contemporary and traditional Japanese art forms including ukiyo-e, shunga (erotic prints) and manga, with elements of British landscape painting and American graphic art. The shift in medium brings conventional subject matter, and the autobiographical, into unfamiliar territory; similarly, by employing traditional western materials to approach Japanese subjects, Betjeman produces hybrid works which communicate a suspense between visual idioms.

His work has appeared in recent years in The Independent, Country Life, The Lady, and British Chamber of Commerce Japan Magazine, and is in the collections of HRH the Prince of Wales, Clare College, Cambridge University, the Moritz-Heyman Foundation, and in various private collections.

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